It was another gorgeous day here in Maine today. So I decided to try and capture a moment in time via water droplets from the rooftop icicle. Much to my surprise I was able to capture five in this shot.

The intention was focused on the two main droplets but, I was pleasantly surprised to see five captured in the image.

As to the layout.. I think the tree’s frame the image well and provides a great contrast against the blue sky.Using tips from professional photographer Karl Taylor, I thought about the lighting for this shot. Being such a clear day there was ample soft light with contrasting hard light to my back creating almost a natural shadow to one side allowing me to capture the clear droplets with their own light source within each droplet.

 Unfortunately I was unable to get away from the rooftops and wires due to the angle and location of the icicle. But that in itself also adds to the overall composition and contrast even though it distracts the eye from the actual focal point.

This was shot with my Olympus FE 310 digital I reviewed this week.

Photo shopped to add some color

Infrared Black & White