Professional photographer Karl Taylor has created an awesome course for any level photographer and has made it available for free. Even if you have never taken a picture before.. you can learn the basic techniques and the 6 necessities to capture even the greatest of photographs.

  • Light – 
  • Medium
  • Aperture – 
  • Shutter Speed – 
  • Composition – 
  • Optics –  

His course offer 19  professionally mastered videos, saved PDF files and you can work at your own pace and fully understand each and every step of the course. There is no time frame, so you learn as much or as little and as often as you care to. This is a great course if you have even the slightest interest in taking quality photographs, or even if you just want to learn a few basic tips and tricks. And FREE! no cost or obligation of any kind.. so why not invest in your abilities and learn from a master photographer. Visit this link and check out what is available and what this course offers..