Decided to play around with some filters, background techniques and lighting effects a little with this chunk of ice.

First shot is natural, attempting to pull in some of the hard light from the sun and contrasting color with the blues cast upon the snow..creating a softer look yet enabling the ice to pop. I used the wood rail as the foreground element again giving it more contrast, interest, and depth of field.

This one I lowered the angle slightly and zoomed a bit attempting to darken the field and pull up the colors within the ice itself. It also allowed me to pull in the blue from the background sky color, while not focusing so much on the foreground.

The third was shot with a box shadow. A similar technique that Karl explains in his video on lighting techniques. This was done with white foam board forming a 90 degree angle and allowing the hardlight from the sun to come over the top to the ice..giving it a slight cast shadow in the angle and eliminating all the natural background.