>Everyone likes to have the photos showcased and displayed for other to see. Like to challenge oneself, improve skills and techniques, get recognition for your hard work and efforts.. What better way than to have, and enter competitions.

Competitions set the mark for consistency in themes and subject matter. So I have decided to add a Competitions Section here at the blog. Lets see the creativity of all you photographers. Lets see where your skills and imagination take you. Each month I will feature a Theme / Category with criteria and deadlines for submission. All you have to do is take your best shot and submit it here to the blog for the competition.

Sorry Pro’s.. this is a competition for amateur and novice photographers only! Let see what you got!

Winners from each category and competition will be featured in a Competitions Gallery which I will establish over the next month. Depending on the amount of submissions for each, others will gain recognition and exposure for aspects of the overall competition as well..

So what do you say… are you up for a challenge, a chance to put your skills to use, want to get exposed.. visit the Competitions page and lets get the creative juices flowing..

First competition will be in March 2011 in the category “Reflections” so start thinking about what opportunity you have in creating a stunning image with reflections