Well in my perusing and surfing for the latest and greatest photo gadgets, I stumbled upon these..

Most awesomeness..lol. How cool would these be for riding the motorcycle and shooting video. According to the site, they have a continuous 4-5 hour operation in 1280 HD. video and has audio as well.as the ability to take stills @ 960 HD.

They also come with interchangeable lenses for night or daytime use. These would be perfect for riding sunsets, gatherings, and other events I attend during the riding season. Capturing a birds-eye view of everything I see while scootin’ about instead a fixed position mounted camera that can only shoot straight ahead.

I was actually surprised at the price too. Very affordable and can hold up to a 16gb memory card. And for those that know.. that’s a lot of memory…lithium battery powered, with built in USB port.

How cool would these be for hiking, sporting events, day at the beach, etc.. the possibilities are endless. Anywhere you can use regular sunglasses there is an opportunity to shoot video..