>I have a dear friend who’s dog passed not long ago. I was rummaging some of his online pics and found one I thought I could tinker with in Paint Shop Pro..I wanted to create a portrait style of “Penny” alone. The original image has his hand on her back sitting next to his motorcycle..

After playing around and doing some creative tinkering I managed to come up with several using different backgrounds.

I then went one step further and decided I’d like to create it in Black and White.. Here are the end results.

(Double click the images for full view)

This first one had softer tones in the background which pulled up the crisp outline of the subject to the foreground, leaving a clean image

The second was a rougher background with darker tones

the 3rd was a combination of dark and light background tones

and this last was a combination of all tones, attempting to pull together the subject and background into one even flowing image.

I know there are a lot of photo editing software programs out there, but I still love using the old standby Paint Shop Pro..It has a wide variety of tools and editing options that just keep going and going..