>This is not a new thing.. image manipulation has been around for many years, but as of late seems to be coming back with all the new technologies and the digital abilities we have today.

Basically in a nutshell:  (A technique in which the data from an image are digitized and various mathematical operations are applied to the data, generally with a digital computer, in order to create an enhanced image that is more useful or pleasing to a human observer, or to perform some of the interpretation and recognition tasks usually performed by humans. Also known as picture processing.)

We see it more frequently from photographers and the trick is having the ability to do so smoothly and without blatant recognition of the manipulations. Being able to blend one image with another or several to get the finished product can be difficult, but with practice can be achieved with some stunning results (Especially when blending HDR or infrared’s with plain color or B/W.

Here is a sample Composite Portrait. Mind you it is a first attempt..but you get the idea..

Original image was that of the window.

 secondary image:

                                                       Manipulated and composed image finished

Basic manipulations can create some wonderful results when applied right, but again, the ability to “fool” the eye is key. If you haven’t tried any of this yet, give it a shot, You may be pleasingly surprised with the results…!