>I had many great entries for this competition and actually I would say all are winners. However having an independent panel of critiques has proven the best option. Three anonymous folks agreed to critique the images for me leaving the final decision to me as to places. I wish to say a thank you to those having participated.

I can not post all the images that were submitted but out of 14 submission, the winners have been chosen and placed into the Competitions Gallery.

Winners were chosen on creativity, subject matter and overall composition. I was looking for more than the “Usual” (ie: water reflection) I wanted folks to be creative and use whatever was around them to create an incredible, clear image and not limit their imaginations. As I said, there were some really great shots that passed through my mailbox but alas.. only a few can claim titles..

A special thanks goes out to the panel of critics/judges and to those having submitted.. making this first Competition a success.

Be sure to start shooting for the April competition which the theme is “Curves”.. again, be creative, use your imagination, and lets see some more great shots from you all.