Well April’s competition is now underway. The selected theme / category for this month is Curves.

No matter where one is, there are always curves visible. In nature, landscapes, cities, architectural, human form, man made designs, and so forth. I think one would be hard pressed not to find a curve at any given time.

Take a second look around yourself, I am sure you will find a curve close by..lol.
Entry deadline is April 25th for submissions and the winners announced on April 30th. So grab them cameras and start shooting, I would like to see some interesting submissions for this competition.

Once again, get creative use whatever is available.

                   Sample Architectural Curve

Sample of curves in nature

Sample Human form,

** Please adhere to the submission guidelines when submitting partial nudes, do to age limitations, full broad nudes are unacceptable, artistic or limited are fine.

So lets get started folks..Again I am looking for unique, tasteful and creative images here.

                     SUBMIT HERE