>Yesterday was a cold, dreary day for the most part. Overcast skies with some drizzle made for a chill in the air that was hard to shake at first. But as the day progressed it began to warm.

I have been on a mission of sorts for several years. That being to capture a duck or ducks. No matter what I tried it seems they were always elusive to me. Either they were scootin’ off or were just to far out of decent reach for my lens. Well We have seen plenty of them this spring and I set out with that in mind yet again.

I followed what is called the River Road here in my neck of the woods. Low and behold, roadside in a gentleman’s field were approx. 40 geese, several ducks and approx 30 or so gulls. I hit the jackpot as it were…lol. I figured it was gunna be another disappointment as usual as I climbed out of the car hoping not to spook them and just watch them all disappear further up the river.

Lucky day afterall…

These first shots were of a pair, I assume mated.. just chillin’ in a stagnent water section of the field close to the roadway..

Enlarge She: Female Mallard

her counterpart:

Enlarge He: Male Mallard

This next shot is the ever ellusive shot I have been after for years…

Different location: Twelve Corners, Fayette,ME. what use to be a sandpit now has filled with runoff and created this small bog/pond area.

I sat ever so patiently over an hour, through drizzle and cold to capture this one.. I set the tripod, the aperture. speed, etc and just waited.

#Focal Length 24/5mm
#Shutter Speed : 1/320 sec
#Aperture: 5.6
#ISO: 80

There were 6 ducks just meandering around this spot off of Campground Road in Fayette. So I sat..and sat some more…etc.. eventually the cold was and had taken hold so to speed things up a bit.. and normally I wouldn’t rush a shot..but it was bone chilling at this point..lol. I tossed a small rock in the vacinity of the ducks to my right. Finger at the ready and hoped for the best…spalsh, squak, flight..and  Snap!

Original product:


Post process:
Paint Shop Pro, burn action to darken sky just a tad bit and to pull out the dramatic color of the sky. Slightly smoothed the water ripples as there were very little due to no wind, just enough to cause slight rippling effect.

Finished Product:

So all in all, the wait was worth it in the end.. I finally got a decent capture I am really pleased with..

There was also two others that unfortunately didn’t quite make it into the frame, but alas, I think it may have overcrowded the shot had they successfully merged into view, so I am very pleased with the final product…Comments appreciated…