It was such a nice weekend around these parts and I had to take advantage of the weather and time available. So I offered to take Katelyn my youngest out to photo-shoot the mountains of Western Maine. We drove to Eustis just off the Canadian border and worked our way Southeast back toward home.

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It was an entire days activity for the both of us as she is a shutterbug in training and at heart. This is a shot of Sugarloaf, USA the ski resort. I was somewhat surprised to still see most trail were open and in operation as the lifts were steadily coming and going being the 1st of May.

We also went by Saddleback and the same was true there as well.

We traveled the backroads of the hills and mountains and finally came across Smalls Falls, a waterfall in Maine, is a series of waterfalls and cascades on the Sandy River in Township E, West Central Franklin, Maine, in the United States. It totals 54 feet (16 m) in height, and consists of (from top to bottom) a 12-foot slide/horsetail, a 25-foot segmented waterfall, a 14-foot horsetail, and a 3-foot cascade, separated by pools. A rest area on Maine Route 4 provides access to the falls; the rest area includes pit toilets, parking and picnic tables. It is 1 of 30+ waterfalls in the state.

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We had a great day for, and of travel around and took a great many photos of the area.. We further explore the Rangley Lakes Region and snapped off a few at the overlook..