Sometimes when taking a shot we tend to over complicate things while we look for that perfect shot. This image taken back in the early 80’s made me realize sometimes over thinking and planning can work against you in getting a great shot.

This was a random beach shot taken with very little thought as to composition, color, lighting etc things we all focus heavily on in today’s photographic realm, yet it is all there in a quick snapshot (if you will).
Quick composition, leading lines, focal points, contrast and color all came together in short order and at random.. It was not heavily thought out, planned, and over compensated.. It was a simple quick shot and resulted in a crisp clean image. Sometimes simplicity is best at getting a great shot!

What I am saying is, you don’t always have to go to great lengths to get a nice shot. Keep it simple, know what you are looking for and just shoot. Results just may surprise you sometimes..I know it can be difficult as we are trained and somewhat have programmed ourselves into over thinking a shot, but give it a try..take some quick, random shots and see what you come up with.