I have viewed 1000’s upon 1000’s of pictures over the past month and I was looking for one thing in particular. I once listened to an instructor at a workshop many years ago (Approx 30), and he said that to get a great picture that evokes someones thought processes and inquisitive nature was to capture the emotion of the subject.

Not the perspective viewers but the subjects.. “Without emotion, or attempting to capture what is going on with the subject, is to basically waste your time and efforts” and I quote.

I think there are a great many photographers out there that attempt to capture the beauty of what they see but tend to lack that one important factor, myself included. I perused 1000 photos this week and of that thousand I saw only 140 that attempted or accidentally captured the emotion of their subject.. This is so important especially when shooting portraiture’s, wildlife even sporting events come into play here as well. To capture facial expression, eye placement etc is a key element that is missing in most photos today..and that is what tells the story most. Yah, there is great beauty in a woman’s body or face, but what is the emotion behind it.. what is the body language saying.. what is on the mind of the subject at that very moment..

Does your composition allow for that mystery factor, does it say what the subject is feeling, etc…
To me one point of photography is to do just that.. evoke thought, mystery and showcase the beauty of the subject all at once…if I have not.. then I have failed in my mission to do so as a photographer.. Something to think about….

What is it you are trying to accomplish with each shot?

Here is a wonderful example of what I am saying..

It shows mystery and raw emotion as to and from the subject and invites the inquisitive nature of the viewer..all the while composing a great image overall.. Makes one wonder what is the subject seeing, thinking, remembering etc…