Scientific classification
Kingdom:    Animalia
Phylum:     Chordata
Class:        Aves
Order:        Pelecaniformes
Family:      Ardeidae
Genus:      Ardea
Species:    A. herodias

We are graced each year as spring rolls around to have at least one or two Great Blue Herons visit the river’s edge in my neighborhood here in Maine. I am excited that this year I actually have a camera that can capture the grace, and beauty of these birds. I observed one hanging around the river’s edge this past week and was hoping for a chance to photograph it should the opportunity arise.

Even though we have had day after day of rain, I set up the tripod in an area it frequented during the week and waited patiently. Sure enough patients wins out.. After several attempts to get a decent shot…viola.. I got ya…

I captured this shot as it was fleeing the vicinity. I believe I may have spooked it while figitting around with debris that was in my way.Thank the tripod gods for this shot…lol.

Captured with my 80-200mm zoom and a neutral density filter.

Post process:

Edited in Paint Shop Pro, burn action at 60% to reduce background light. Cropping could have been a little closer and more centered, but overall pleased with the shot.