Today was a really nice, typical summer day. So I grabbed the camera and headed off for the evening. I was just out riding the back roads and hills of y area here in Maine and stopped to take shots of cows, buildings, etc. Managed to see a deer but was to far in the distance to get a good shot.  The above pic is a local building and is part of the Automotive historical association. It was early sunset and the colors were vibrant and I couldn’t resist  taking the shot..

This ‘ol gal was all but centered in the shot unttil I set thee timer and she backstepped as if to say “I don’t think so” just as the shutter released. But still, she is a pretty gal so I kept thee shot anyway.

Later that evening I came home to an almost full moon. So I again grabbed the camera and sat patiently in my driveway. Skies were mostly clear and bright and the occasional cloud would come overhead and bless me with the colors of the rainbow.. I took approx. 40 or so pics and you can view them here at my Facebook Album…and created a short 1:40 vid of cloud movement in real time.