As we approach the late summer early fall weather patterns here in New England,  we start to see those early morning clear skies and fog banks lining the mountainsides and valley’s which make for some dramatic early morning shots.. This is not one of them but is a good example of what is to come..This would have been a much better image had I used a filter to demonstrate the color depth and contrast and so forth.. But you get the gist of the It does however show how soft light with natural filters can work in your favor, even with just a kiss of sunlight on the steeple brings out some amazing color.
  Photographers often talk about the “Golden Hour” just prior to sunrise and sunset.. I agree with that principle however on foggy overcast days it can be beneficial to wait until just after that golden hour to capture beautiful sky and cloud color. You can capture many shades of shadow and back dropped mountain ridges and so much more, as well as sharper, crisper leading lines and edges of structures, trees, etc.. Just my thoughts here..