I have found a couple local spots that I really enjoy frequenting for some down time and isolation. Places I call my mini oasis’. They are places I can just relax, enjoy and think…or simply let it all go and be mesmerized for a spell. Pure tranquil delight was the goal in mind when I set out to find these areas. Above photo is one such place. In the previous post The “Vista” is the view from this gazebo… Isolated on a hillside in the middle of nowhere you can sit, enjoy and take in the beautiful scenery in almost a full 270 degrees. Below is an old granite quarry still showing its scars and water filled pits from years of mining and excavation.But from above…what a view one is treated to. I hope to get out here again as the color begins to change as this would be a grand photo area in the coming fall foliage season..especially for a nice panoramic shot… I just thought I would share one of my favorite local places today….I have to thank my neighbors the Arsenault’s for this… if not for them I wouldn’t have even known this place existed in my neck of the woods… so Thank you Joe and Donna..