I have not really taken my photography skills and put them to the test on food products, processing or cooking, etc.

I feel like I may be missing a great subject matter and a great learning opportunity in attempting to discover a new direction in my photography arsenal..  So I have decided to try and capture some different things that we do everyday in our kitchens and across the many eateries around the world.

In many ways it is like doing commercial photography of specific products and labels, etc. So I will see were this new direction takes me over he next few months, especially since we are into the harvest season and the holidays around the corner.. There is always some cooking going on..

Today I had an abundance of apples kicking around and as we all know.. fruit flies can be a real pain and multiple tenfold..lol So I decided I would make some Applesauce.. I managed to make about 3 1/2 quarts this go round..

So of course.. I grabbed the camera.. (Not all ingredients are shown to protect the Grizz’s secret recipe)