Here is an experimental image.. Originally this was blue skies and the tree was just sneaking in on the left side. With some creative editing, this was the resulting image. Below is the original shot as you can see the final product is none the same any longer.. Impressions, feedback, etc..?

Hard to believe they are the same But through the magic of editing one can create almost anything as a photograph….Just need to be creative and have an idea in your mind.

  But then, this beckons the question.. When is enough enough?  When is it no longer a photograph and not merely a graphic creation? answer is never. It begins as a photograph and ends as a more palatable, more dramatic photograph in the end. I am sure there are many that would argue this point to no end, but I like to add a little oomph to my images on occasion and get some pretty cool looking results while doing so. I am not saying edit every shot.. not by any means.. it is not the photographers purpose to create graphics per say.. but to capture what is truly there the best way that they can.. but as a preference I do add to the overall finished product on occasion, after all editing is almost a mainstay in today’s photographic realm. Your thoughts, concerns, comments?