My area of New England is starved for some real color this foliage season. We have had so much rain and moisture that what leaves are hanging on are burning and dropping at a rapid rate. Sections north and west are at peak and we have barely anything.. So yesterday I went on a quest and visited some of the spots along power lines in higher elevations getting a better view of the valleys looking for any color I could find.

 This was the first of such spots, and again the tree lines are not impressive yet, but the ground cover was vibrant and full. I managed to find a few spots that afforded some decent views during my travels. Below are just a few shots taken…

As well I managed to take a few  misc. shots in between.. An old tractor caught my eye..

  and I also found a couple antique/classic cars: I changed out the background to show better details..

 I finished off the day with a quick scoot to Pine Island and then through town..

So it was not a total loss.. I did find some color all around me, just a disappointment in the foliage department..But weather prevailing, we might just squeak in some peak color before all is lost..