Veteran: A Misconception as it pertains to the military..

What is a Veteran?

Many have a misconception of the word Veteran..Most equate the following “An old soldier who has seen long service.” as a definitive of the term Veteran.

This is a myth folks…granted it is part of the overall definition and meaning of the word in its context.

Truth…a Veteran is any,  and I say this again ANY… individual who for whatever reason took an oath to serve its people, nation, country,
in a capacity to better its overall standing and to protect all that it is in war or peace times.

If you took an oath, put on an Armed Services uniform of any kind, and proceeded to be a member of any organized military unit supported by the United States government,
You are a Veteran..

If you gave of your time, energies, and even life under such circumstances, You are a Veteran..

For those that believe you must have long service, and or participated in a campaign during wartime to be considered a Veteran.. You are sadly mistaken and do not understand
the meaning or definition of what a Veteran truly is.

Feel free to ask any service, retired, or reservist..(or Civilian Professional) ie, Police officer, firefighter,etc.

to fully understand what a Veteran to comprehend the quote
” A veteran is someone who at some point has written a check to Uncle Sam that reads:

Granted many have not seen war, yet still have been trained, given blood, sweat, and tears, and have volunteered their lives and stood at the ready for such conditions should they arise..
You cannot discard their sacrifices and honor because “War” was not occurring during their time in service..

There is a term used “War Veteran”.. maybe instead we should have a separate day to honor just those who have served in a conflict and seen actual war conditions (IE: the Front Lines)..
 maybe this would clarify for those yet to understand the term Veteran,.. maybe not..

It matters not if you saw wartime conditions or if you pushed papers behind a desk, the fact remains you took the oath, where prepared and ready to sacrifice.. Unlike the many thousands
that just accepted the conditions and where content to let others possibly pay the ultimate sacrifice for their freedoms and right to live as we do, you have earned the right to be considered and called a Veteran.

To all those, who ever took the oath, wore the uniform, and made the commitment to preserve our freedoms and way of life, a profound thank you and a day of recognition is yours.
For many, its a debt that cannot be repaid, for others its a day to say thanks, but for most.. Its a day of recognition and remembrance for your selfless contribution to our people, country and nation.

So I leave you with this:

Any, and I say again ANY individual that has been a member of the Armed Forces in any capacity, no matter the length of service or during what time frame..
should be, and has earned the right to be called a Veteran.

Learn to differentiate Veteran from War Veteran, but all are considered Veterans!