The Flower
Moonflower at night; lavender by day,
Magnificent sights; some would say,
From, river to valley; and fields to hills.
Some partake; of daffodils
Violets of blue; roses of pink,
What colors are missing; let me think,
We often forget; from the ground,
Most of them; start as brown
From stem to leaf; most turn green,
Some stand straight; some may lean,
From below; their darkened tomb,
Most of them; come to bloom
Within the cycle; colors will flow,
Some still seen; by moonlights glow,
It gains its strength; from its roots,
From atop; it bears its fruits
In your search; of strength and power,
Take a lesson; view a flower.
                                                Fred “aka.Grizz” LaPoint ’07


originally a red rose, edited in PSP-9 shot in early spring.. Shot with a Panasonic Lumix FZ35 I don’t recall the actual settings etc.