This barren land; beneath my feet, Was once: field of wheat.

 Scorched by fire; laid to rest,  Done by Mother Nature; she knows best.

 Over yonder; timbers too, Ablaze in color; she starts anew.


 She reclaims her land; our plantations, As she prepares; for new generations.

Though we feel; a deepened loss, Pay heed; for she is boss.

She will dictate; the cycle of life, Over her lands; through her strife.


She sends us a message; Each time that she burns,

 For it is life; That she truly yurns. From blackened soils; to lush green hills,

Mother Nature continues; to bring us thrills.


From flowers anew; to sprouting pines, Even the fields; of lush grape vines.

 It is not for us to question; Only for us to follow through.

For she returns; what she must take, As she knows; what’s at stake.


 In her hands; we put our trust, For life to continue; its a must.

So question not; as she burns, Throughout time we have learned,

Through this pain; and blackened sky, We need not ask; for we know why.


In her grace; and compassionate heart, She affords us; a brand new start.

For new generations; they will see, This beautiful land; she has given to thee.

                                                                                   ©2004 LaPoint,F. aka Grizz

So begins yet another season….Welcome Spring 2012

This poem I had written back in 2004 came to mind as I watched a field under flames the other day as they were burning off and prepping for the coming season.. Hope you enjoy it.