I took the following shot during sunset hours on 4/4. I noticed the large cloud bank forming and had to grab the camera. The sunlight had been playing with the edges of the clouds and off in the distance was a massive cloud emerging.  The formation began to look a local landmark in New England so I sat and watched as this cloud took shape. I thought it ironic that it began to take the shape of Mt. Washington our highest peak here in New England. At one point it was almost an exact match to the shape and size.. buy the time I had set up the camera and focused in.. it had already begun to take on a smaller version and shape. I did manage to capture a part of it toward the end of the sunset though.

What appears to be a mountain range off in the distance is actually all cloud. Everything from the dark tree line back is cloud cover. But It looks a great deal like a mountain range to me.. so naturally I had to click away….