For many that like to “shoot the moon”, as it were… the photographer is so keen and determined to capture the crisp, clear image of this incredible orb they tend to overlook many of the fascinating effects it can create from its light to its cascading glows and shadows. This shot was meant to be taken.. Even though you may not see the clear crisp orb in its best no lunar or surface conditions, etc.. you do get this great framed orb nestled in the tree almost like a nest was just made for it. I see many images of moon shots that have been altered and this is fine, but how often do we really see a red moon? I know from my part of the country it is an extremely bright yellow, to white and even grey on occasion, but I don’t believe I have ever seen a red one yet in my lifetime….

I like to add interest to my images, if at all possible I will use whatever nature provides and work with that as much as I can even if it may require some manipulation..I think the more one can incorporate with a moon shot the better and more appealing it can be. That is not to say a shot of the moon alone is of no interest… not by any means.I have taken several shots of the moon itself and found some interesting features in each image.

Night photography and especially Moon Shots can be difficult at best under some of the best conditions too. Its not so much the equipment used but the knowledge and application of using what you may have to work with. I don’t use or require humungo lenses, that can zoom to perfection at any distance.. although that would be nice to add to the arsenal, just a simple point and shoot can generate some great night and moon shots just fine. As most know, I use a simple Panasonic Lumix FZ-35  12mgp 18x zoom camera right outta the box and I can capture these kinds of shots easily.


The biggest trick to shots like these is to remember speed…. You need to know your settings for Aperture, shutter and have consistent ISO. and the more you practice at it, the easier and sharper your images will become. So have some fun.. get out there at night and try shooting the moon and capture some interest within your shots at the same time… and by all means if you happen to come across a red moon… pleas shoot it and tell me where it is ’cause I would sure like to see one in person….lol…