This was a shot I did back in March during an early evening. I didn’t much like the accompanying background much so after a few alterations I decided to go with black to pull up the colors of the stone wall and the actual gates. I forget the actual name of the place but it was shot in Monmouth, Maine..It was some kind of fraternal order of sorts similar to KOC, or Masons, etc.. I just thought it was interesting and it gave me an opportunity to shoot something different.

I have always liked the stone wall masonry and style as long as I can remember back. Having been raised in New England a lot of farm lands, counties, etc. were always marked by them creating property boundaries, etc. I like the way the colors and structures play against each other and occasionally you get some really nice shots from cascaded sunlight, shadows, etc.. So naturally I had to stop and shoot off a couple pics of this gated area and stone wall.