Well seems my youngest daughter has managed to find herself an old bottle dump buried out in the back woods of the house. She has unearthed a small collection so far. Everything from tiny little perfume bottles to old medicinal bottles and some nice looking Cobalt Blue, and White ceramic cream jars, etc..
Many have names nobody recognize so its interesting trying to research and locate information on individual companies, etc. to gain a little history. Here are a few images I took the other day…I of course will be taking more and better looking ones as time goes by…

a portion of her collection so far..

Some Cobalt Glass
Assume a medicinal type bottle
She even found an old locket with a (raised) horseshoe design. Unable to determine the metal used though, it is real thin and appears and feels almost like an aluminum or tin based metal…
She is eager and excited to get back out there and dig for more.. you just never know what you will find in these old hills around here.