I am an avid outdoors type personality.  I love to be in the grace of Mother Nature and all that is created.

Photography for me has become a way of expression. Much like the rhymes, reasons and rhythm of poetry, pictures speak volumes as we explore the inner workings and the beauty of each subject, that moment captured in time.

One does not have to be a professional to enjoy the artful expression and ability to capture that moment in time. A simple click here and there suffices to fill the void of ones imagination and purpose. A moment of reflection captured for what could be an  eternity.

Mother Nature and mankind provide ample opportunities for us to capture images that we find emotional, captivating, enjoyable or even horrid. There also exists the opportunity to capture what the minds eye may not or cannot see, and for me that is one reason I enjoy photography so much. There is a certain magic that transpires each and every time that shutter clicks, that mystery draws me to do it again and again.

I continually try to better myself and learn as I go.

This blog and my gallery pages where created to share these moments with other viewers, photographers, and even critics. I hope everyone can see the beauty and magic in the shots I have taken, and feel free to ask questions, post comments, and suggestions at will.

My Standard Equipment Bag includes but not limited to::

Olympus FE-310 Digital
Canon AE-1 SLR (film) (Old School)
Kalimar 35 mm SLR  (Old School)
Numerous lenses, flash.
light meter
filters, etc.

I try and use as much natural composition and light as possible when shooting.

I am a Novice / Amatuer and do not consider myself a Pro by anymeans. I know what I like and shoot what I feel when it grabs me, or invokes mystery and thought.

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