"Renewal" © LaPoint,F. aka Grizz


This barren land; beneath my feet, Was once: field of wheat.

 Scorched by fire; laid to rest,  Done by Mother Nature; she knows best.

 Over yonder; timbers too, Ablaze in color; she starts anew.


 She reclaims her land; our plantations, As she prepares; for new generations.

Though we feel; a deepened loss, Pay heed; for she is boss.

She will dictate; the cycle of life, Over her lands; through her strife.


She sends us a message; Each time that she burns,

 For it is life; That she truly yurns. From blackened soils; to lush green hills,

Mother Nature continues; to bring us thrills.


From flowers anew; to sprouting pines, Even the fields; of lush grape vines.

 It is not for us to question; Only for us to follow through.

For she returns; what she must take, As she knows; what’s at stake.


 In her hands; we put our trust, For life to continue; its a must.

So question not; as she burns, Throughout time we have learned,

Through this pain; and blackened sky, We need not ask; for we know why.


In her grace; and compassionate heart, She affords us; a brand new start.

For new generations; they will see, This beautiful land; she has given to thee.

                                                                                   ©2004 LaPoint,F. aka Grizz

So begins yet another season….Welcome Spring 2012

This poem I had written back in 2004 came to mind as I watched a field under flames the other day as they were burning off and prepping for the coming season.. Hope you enjoy it.

New Website finally launched today..

I have been in the process of reworking and creating my new website over the past few weeks. Well today I finally managed enough time on the computer to do just that.. I am launching the new site as of right now.. I have again chosen to use Bravenet services for this , mainly do to familiarity with their system and things they offer the average user..Its editor and other features just seem to run a lot smoother than others I have tried. So Bravenet again gets my vote and usage… that and their fees are extremely reasonable if you want paid hosting and upgrades..

Screen Shot

 so here is my new addy and the link is also tied to the main menu at the top under the website tab

Lightning Photography – 3 EasyTips on how to Shoot Thunderstorms.

With the coming of spring and the seasonal change, so comes the opportunities for increased thunderstorm activities. Great and massive clouds roam the skies and on occasion, yes we get that magical storm with all its beauty, mystery and some great lightning. As tempting as it can be to grab the camera and head off to capture some great shots.. Safety under these circumstances is first and foremost. Common sense can go a long way here folks.. never shoot in open fields, under tall trees, or near a water source such as ponds, lakes, etc. Most of us know this already but in the heat of the moment in trying to capture that illusive shot we may tend to ignore and forget this basic survival skill.

Whenever possible you should try and shoot from indoors or under cover of a solid structure. I have even shot from within my vehicle with good results. This is two fold… one – you remain safe, and two – your equipment does not get wet or destroyed in rainy conditions.

The next basic thing is to have reliable and capable equipment for shooting these elusive and temporary storms and events.You do not need a multi hundred dollar camera for capturing these storms.. a simple SLR film, digital  or even a good point and shoot camera is more than enough for creating some great shots.  
Below is a good article I came across:

When it comes to finding the right tips for taking photographs of lightning, you should keep in mind that the most important rules you can follow have nothing to do with photography at all. Rather, they are more for keeping you and your equipment safe. While photographing nature at her wildest is one of the most thrilling challenges photography can provide, there’s little point to it if you end up risking getting electrocuted or drench your best cameras in the process.

The ideal tips for taking photographs of lightning center around what type of storm to follow. Ideally, the type of weather is typically when it’s not raining or hailing and the wind isn’t dangerously high. Other atmospheric conditions include what type of clouds are above. Some storms have clouds where the lightning will arch downward, where others consist of clouds where the lightning appears as brilliant bursts of muted flashes from deep inside the clouds. While both provide wonderful pictures, it’s a good idea to know the difference between the two.
Another good way to ensure that you always take great storm photos is to take a good look at the natural and unnatural sources of light around you. Taking photos of storms on bright, sunny days is one of the most difficult, as there is little contrast between natural daylight and the bolt of lightning itself. Be sure your flash settings are adequate: sometimes the burst of light is too bright, and you end up with the landscape in sharp focus, but a blurry lightning bolt.
Another fun way to create unique storm photos is to make good use out of the landscape around you. Few things are more dramatic than an excellent shot of a firey bolt with a tree or a building standing silhouetted with it. The more you practice, the better you’ll get at discerning what subjects go well with storm photos. For a symmetrical effect, try choosing naturally tall things near the bolt, such as radio towers, cactuses, or spires.
These are only a few tips for photographing lightning to consider. Keep in mind, as you practice, that a lot of photographing unpredictable subjects like these lies in skill, reflexes, and blind luck as well. Don’t be discouraged if it’s not perfect right away. With practice, you’ll learn how to make the perfect shot.

Free advertising…?

Well, I being a former Vermonter and St.Johnsburyateer…would like to offer up some free advertising for local business that have been started up by my classmates of the Academy. Year of graduation doesn’t matter just that you were an Academy grad, and the business you are advertising is yours. Whether you live in Vermont, New Hampshire or Maine. If you have a business and would like to have some free advertising, contact me with your info, a banner, or whatever you may have and I will gladly post it to this blog free of charge in hopes to generate some traffic your way. That’s right… FREE ADVERTISING.. doesn’t get any better than that now does it.What ya got to loose….NADDDDDDA.So get in touch, lets get the ball rolling.

Creative side…

How many of you remember these relics.. The B & G Helioflex…they were a giveaway many years ago, and rightly so as they really aren’t worth the materials they were made from.. I decided to have some creative time and do up a brick faced image of the 3000T I have laying around..what ya think?

It was / is a single image of the Helioflex camera, with an overlay of a brick face bitmap, then processed with alterations to the light balance and color adjustments as well as the contrast. Final result ..

Kind of gives it the graffiti or mural look  what ya think?

Depth of Field (DOF) a challenge at times..

We all know that depth of field (DOF) plays an integral part in any image we are trying to capture. This can present particular challenges even under the best of circumstances. The term depth of field refers to the area in front of, and behind the point on which focus is set that can be rendered in sharp focus.The overall goal is to render sharpness in as much of the image as possible.

Here are some challenges / conditions that can be difficult to overcome..
…low light focusing
…architectural elements in which shadows are cast
…macro shots,  these are just a few, but seem to plaque photographers most.

There are several factor to consider when dealing with DOF.
… aperture value, and magnification
… focal length
… subject distance
… image size
… viewing distance
… and visual acuity..

Setting a larger F-stop (which actually means a smaller aperture opening) will result in a larger DOF. Using  longer focal lengths will result in a smaller DOF. This by itself can create an entire list of technical challenges under the conditions mentioned above.

I don’t believe there is any easy way to correct for DOF, with today’s cameras and focusing abilities we are left with most images being altered via post processing, stacking, and cropping. The best solutions are usually trial and error which means shooting over and over until you are satisfied with the results.

If you have any tips/tricks for DOF and get good results, Please feel free to add them to this post.. I would be interested in reading and hearing what others do about DOF under these conditions.

The Bridge

As we approached a full winters moon I decided to take some architectural shots over the past few days. I figured a good start was this bridge in our capitol city of Augusta. I wanted to capture the cascading effect of the moon light on the steel structure, thereby exposing its belly in some detail. I then approached it from oter angles and took a few shots..
Earlier this day I came upon the stunning oak tree that was by itself at the end of a roadway and just had to try and capture its essence..

Barn Renditions

My intent yesterday was to go out shooting some rock and ice formations on a local river bank but as i was traveling, I came across this modern day farm and was drawn to take pics of it… The beautiful weather, clear skies and a moon that just beckoned…lured me in.

Here is the original shot.. nothing to fancy just an average shot.

I then took it to my editing software program and came up with a couple other renditions:

a created night shot
and this aged version which I think I like best..

Opinions, comments, feedback? What is your favorite of the three, and why? Be sure to right click image, and click view image for full size views.

Macro Monday 1/30 (Elements)

Seems I have yet again neglected to keep up here at the blog. I have been creating and editing my new gallery at Fine Art America almost all week and have not rendered my attention properly.

So for today’s Macro shot, I thought it would be fun to play around with a small light bulb. I took a few shots of this little wonder and here is two end results. What do ya think?

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Portraits or not?

I am not a big portrait photographer.. I have never really attempted to hone my skills on the subject matter.. but I am trying to determine if I want to go that route over the coming year or not. I am fine with taking so called ‘action shots” of individuals, but really have not disciplined myself on portraiture. My wife’s nephew TJ (who has some physical challenges) was visiting today and I decided to grab the camera and just take a few shots for fun.

 here he is acting all tough like….

and a quick b/w shot..