Terms of Use & Submissions
All Copyrights apply. All rights are reserved as implied by law.

** Regarding submitted materials:
1.By submitting, you hereby agree to the terms and conditions set forth at this site, including copyrights..
2.You also agree, too and accept critiques from other members, photographers, and myself.
3. Conduct oneself with respect and show the same to others that may submit.
4. All material submitted including images, reviews, and/or comments must be from the original owner
5. Regarding nudes: No broadside are allowed, partial nudity is acceptable if in artistic or creative manner. Due to age restrictions and use, full nudes will not be allowed and rejected for participation in any contests at the sole discretion of site owner.

Site owner will attempt his best to give credit and copyright to original works submitted by others for Featured Material.

You may not submit others works without first securing permission from said contributor via written email, and a confirmation submitted to this site owner.Proper Credit will be given on all works submitted.

** Regarding my material:

From here in, the terms I/We, refers to Grizz, Mountainman, RisingSun, Fred, and / or Grizz’s Gallery.
I/We retain all rights as reserved under the copyright laws of the United States.

You do however have permission granted to use my images and text provided there is an appropriate tag in recognition of credit. This does not include any images belonging to others and stated as such with their copyrights or credits attatched to their images, and it is used for NON-Commercial websites.

For Commercial sites, please contact me
You may NOT, use, resize, crop or otherwise alter my images, or text in the process of using my material without my written permission.
If you do use my material please forward the URL of the page it is placed on and provide the appropriate tag for credit.

Please use the following tags only:
Photo courtesy Grizz’s Gallery
or feel free to use my convenient logo 

Should you be unsure of the copyright laws and / or have questions whether or not you are in violation, I strongly recommend you visit here

U.S. Copyright Office webpage.
Thank you for respecting my and others copyrights.. Grizz

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