About town yesterday was a large murky almost milk white fog bank that engulfed the neighborhood. I wanted to capture that with some moderate color that was remaining in the area so I decided I would go up a level and I shot the photo from my bathroom window on the second floor.

 I then post processed it into a “soft Image” resolution and this was the resulting shot…

I was extremely pleased with the results and think I will explore other images in the same manner to see what I can create.. below are a few comments generated from the New England Photography Guild members I belong to on Face book…

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  • Janice Drew.. Looking at the thumbnail, I first thought this was one of those Christmas snow villages. Nice.

    Yesterday at 9:33am · 
  • Butch Lombardi.. it has a dreamy quality…

    Yesterday at 9:39am · 
  • Linda Baird-White.. lovely story book look to it

    Yesterday at 10:57am · 
  • Laura Mahoney.. The soft focus really makes it very appealing

    22 hours ago · 
  • Don Toothaker.. looks like a book cover… nice colors and mood

    18 hours ago · 
  • Judy Lombardi.. Like this alot, Fred……

    Holly Bo Bolly.. Beautiful, Fred. I love fog shots… 🙂

    Apparently others liked it as well…